Gumroad empowers creators by making selling easy.

Gumroad nimbly places e-commerce at the heart of the social network. Sellers can directly access their audience with the help of social media, thus eliminating the middle man. How can we extend this excellent selling experience to the buyer's side?

A network of people and products.

Products on sale and the people that buy them both exist simultaneously within these intricate networks. Products and people find each other based on following, and Gumroad's super easy checkout page takes care of the rest. In fact, it's so easy that the buyer doesn't even remember it. How can Gumroad make a more lasting impression on the buyer?

Product - consumer disconnect.

What if someone you're not following has an interesting product that you might want? This form of ecommerce occasionally results in a disconnect between the product and the consumer. In addition to teaching the seller how to grow their audience, how can we help the audience reach the seller themselves?

Introducing the Gumroad shop.

A curated consumer marketplace - a single place to browse all content available via Gumroad on the internet. Browse eBooks, music, and software all at once.

Semi-functional Prototype

(Best viewed on a desktop)

Not intrusive - just like Gumroad

The browse feature can be reached with a 'Shop' button on the nav bar. One can access the shop without signing in, and the products link to their respective landing pages.

Browse on the go.

Browse the shop on mobile as well. The mobile design is a very simple addition to the existing app. It allows one to vertically scroll through individual cards, much like one can while scrolling through your own purchases on the current Gumroad app.

The Gumroad shop is thus a small addition that will allow more buyers to enjoy the smooth Gumroad user experience that is already in place. This will increase the audience base for sellers as well as allow the company to build a stronger relationship with buyers.