Advanced Architecture Studio Fall 2014

Project brief: Design a performative weather museum for Red Hook, Brooklyn.

The following design research is partially based on existing precedents that involve interaction between weather and the built enviroment. The two main areas of study are 1. a study of transnational air pollution and 2. the idea of mechanically controlled office environments. There is a strong presence of transnational pollution (which is when the field of influence strongly varies from the source) in the marginalized area of Red Hook, Brooklyn. An notable source of this pollution is a cruise ship terminal that pollutes the area and causes respiratory illness in almost 50% of Red Hook's population. Furthermore, there is an IKEA store that attracts customers who are solely there for the store, hence isolating and bypassing Red Hook in the process.

Transnational weather phenomena

Sahara Dust Migration

Cloud Seeding in China


This is the first part of the weather museum project. Click here to see the design work that comes after.

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